Water Retention & Detention Systems in Fontana, California

DOT Sales Company in Fontana, California, has the supplies for all kinds of storm water retention systems as well as sewer fittings. Our variety of water system equipment and products makes us one of the biggest names in the tri-state area.


Storm Water Retention & Detention Systems

Cultec™ storm water chambers can replace conventional retention or detention systems like pipes, trenches, ponds, swales, or concrete vaults. Our sub-surface retention system is cost effective, sustainable, and meets EPA requirements, all while allowing owners to maximize land usage.

Cultec chambers feature a patented overlapping rib connection, inline manifold and a repeating end wall for increased structural integrity. They are also the largest variety of chamber models in the industry, and therefore able to accommodate almost any site parameter.

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Cultec Stormwater Management Systems

Cultec is the Manufacturer of the Contactor® and Recharger® Plastic Drainage Chambers. Cultec has 27 years of plastic chamber experience; so when it comes to stormwater management products, CULTEC is the best suited for the job. That's why DOT Sales is proud to stock Cultec chambers and can provide you what you need.
We can provide any Cultec Storm water solution, including:


If you're interested in trying to calculate your own Cultec system, feel free to download the Cultec design Calculator for free. Click Here for the Calculator

A free CULTEC StormGenie® Automated Drawing Program and an AutoCAD® plug-in for Designing CULTEC Stormwater Systems is located here. Click here for the StormGenie® & Auto-Cad® plug-in.


Basins & Custom Fabricated Fittings

In addition to Cultec Storm water chambers, we also supply filter chambers, catch basins, inline drains, pipe, fittings, flared ends, clean outs, and many other types of complementary products to build a complete turn key stormwater package ready to install asap.

We have partnered with Specified fittings which has also developed an extensive line of PVC Catch Basins, Drain Basins & Inline drains used to collect trash, debris and suspended solids in stormwater runoff. Our PVC structures & drains are extremely strong, durable, leak proof & are manufactured to achieve H-25 traffic loads. Custom fabrications available upon request.


  • PVC Catch Basins from 6" to 48"
  • Inline Drains from 6" to 48"
  • Cast Iron Grates with H20 Traffic Ratings
  • Corrugated HDPE Pipe 4" - 60", Soil Tight & Water Tight
  • Fittings for Corrugated HDPE Pipe
  • Header systems made to your specifications
  • Filter Fabric
  • Poly Liner
  • Inspection Ports
  • And many more items.


Our sales and design teams are committed to assisting with the procurement and installation of a Cultec retention system. We ensure that your project requirements will be met or exceeded at a low cost. Cultec also offers free design assistance and cost comparisons, with detailed drawings in CAD format within 48 hours.

Please contact our professionals in Fontana, California, for more about our fittings and other systems.